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In 1980, sixteen men were rescued after an hour and a half in the north sea. when then were given a hot drink on the rescue ship, they dropped dead, all sixteen of them. cool article on hypothermia I can't believe people still think this is cool Urban outfitters 3 wolf t-shirt. it's officially not cool anymore. I honestly can't decide whether this is one of the best threads in reddit history or one of the worst.

Bobby mcferrin hacks your brain with the pentatonic scale [very cool] I give up. i have no idea how to write the right headline, as my previous subs have gone nowhere. my nephew drew a cool picture, i submitted it to reddit, it made it to antarctica, it made the big paper in his home province. do with this what you will, reddit. regardless, you made him very happy.

This is actually a pretty cool effect [javascript] Obama was like, "dude, that's not cool" and citigroup was all, "my bad." Moiré is cool. [gif] All the cool kids are doing it Okay, that's pretty cool. All eight sectors of the lhc have now been cooled to their operating temperature of 1.9 kelvin -271c; -456f - colder than deep space Cool optical illusion, bro. The iodine clock reaction is cool, but it only happens once. i give you the briggs–rauscher reaction.

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